Derek Matthews

Snappy Books: I was approached by Templar Publishing to create two sample spreads for the Bologna Book Fair. It looked like a fun job: two double page spreads with a big pop-up crocodile on one and a hippo on the other. They were samples for two pop-up books for children. One showing colours and the other to be about numbers.

It was Templar’s third attempt at launching this concept. They had tried other illustrators without success and this might have been the last chance. It worked! The project was immediately taken up and work soon began on the two books. Snappy Little Colours and Snappy Little Numbers each went one to sell more than a million copies world wide.

Over several years, clever innovation and teamwork the project expanded to forty plus titles. Reprinted across the world in a wide variety of languages and the total “Snappy Book” global sales exceed 13 million copies.

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Pallant residents turn their windows into 12 Days of Christmas Trail

Artist and illustrator Derek Matthews has designed two windows for Pallant House Gallery: a digital print and paper construction (sponsored by the Design and Digital Print Centre) depicting a Partridge in a Pear Tree to mark the first day of Christmas, and two 'turtle doves' based on Victorian showman's banners to mark the second.

Featuring two turtles adorned with dove wings, the design creates a witty visual pun inspired by, as Derek puts it: 'the unfortunate circus stand-ins that also have to double up as a trapeeze act.'

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